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What is the current LSL Function Status?

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LSL Functions Status

Updated: October 28, 2014 using OpenSim-1a24b7f/r25290 (0.8-post-fixes)

  added EEP function tested with Y and X Engine using OpenSim Yeti Dev night build 2020-09-09

The update will reflect ALL current LL-LSL Functions including those which are not supported in OpenSimulator.
These unsupported functions (notably Pathfinding etc) are there to show what is implemented & not.

There is a total of 415 LL Functions as of the date of the update.

   Deprecated Functions:  12 indicated
God Mode Functions: 3 indicated
Pathfinding Functions: 12 indicated. (Path Finding is not supported by OpenSimulator)
Total remaining functions: 389

llXorBase64Strings Function List Reference at SL. Reference

Note: If the Implemented field is blank, the function requires testing and verification. Possibly incomplete or stub within the OpenSimulator Source code.

Ready for Testing Partially Implemented Fully Implemented Tested/Fail Deprecated Not supported

Click on a letter to see the implementation information or click on the function to see an example how the function was tested in-world.

A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - N - O - P - Q - R - S - T - U - V - W - X - Y - Z

Function Implemented Developer Tester Comments
llAbs Yes Charlie Omega See also llAbs
llAcos Yes F Charlie Omega
llAddToLandBanList Yes Alondria
llAddToLandPassList Yes Alondria
llAdjustSoundVolume Yes Alondria
llAgentInExperience No LL Experience Only. Not in OpenSimulator
llAllowInventoryDrop Yes Patnad
llAngleBetween Yes Alondria NUnit
llApplyImpulse Yes
llApplyRotationalImpulse No
llAsin Yes Charlie Omega
llAtan2 Yes Charlie Omega
llAttachToAvatar yes acryline Works in OpenSim Dev
llAttachToAvatarTemp yes acryline Works in OpenSim Dev

with an error message in Singularity

llAvatarOnLinkSitTarget yes acryline Works in OpenSim Dev
llAvatarOnSitTarget Yes Teravus
llAxes2Rot Yes Patnad
llAxisAngle2Rot Yes
llBase64ToInteger Yes
llBase64ToString Yes Charlie Omega
llBreakAllLinks Yes
llBreakLink Yes
llCastRay Yes
llCeil Yes Charlie Omega

llChar Yes

llClearCameraParams Yes
llClearLinkMedia yes acryline Works in OpenSim Dev
llClearPrimMedia yes acryline Works in OpenSim Dev
llCloseRemoteDataChannel Yes Jimbo21
llCloud Yes
llCollisionFilter yes acryline Works in OpenSim Dev
llCollisionSound yes
llCollisionSprite No
llCos Yes Charlie Omega
llCreateCharacter No Not in OpenSimulator
llCreateKeyValue No Not in OpenSimulator
llCreateLink Yes
llCSV2List Yes Charlie Omega
llDataSizeKeyValue No Not in OpenSimulator
llDeleteCharacter No Not in OpenSimulator
llDeleteKeyValue No Not in OpenSimulator
llDeleteSubList Yes Alondria Charlie Omega
llDeleteSubString Yes Charlie Omega
llDetachFromAvatar yes
llDetectedGrab Yes Aran
llDetectedGroup yes
llDetectedKey Yes Aran works.
llDetectedLinkNumber Yes tested at 2011.01.25 on 0.7.1 Dev
llDetectedName Yes Aran works.
llDetectedOwner Yes Aran works.
llDetectedPos Yes Aran works.
llDetectedRot Yes
llDetectedTouchBinormal yes
llDetectedTouchFace yes Jeff Kelley
llDetectedTouchNormal yes
llDetectedTouchPos yes Jeff Kelley
llDetectedTouchST Yes Azwaldo Villota * Tested in OpenSim 0.8.0 Dev
llDetectedTouchUV yes acryline Works in OpenSim Dev
llDetectedType Yes Aran works.
llDetectedVel Yes
llDialog Yes Aran
llDie Yes Krtaylor Charlie Omega (2683)
llDumpList2String Yes Alondria
llEdgeOfWorld Yes* Garmin Kawaguichi
llEjectFromLand Yes
llEmail Yes
llEscapeURL Yes
llEuler2Rot Yes Alondria
llEvade No LL Pathfinding Only. Not in OpenSimulator
llExecCharacterCmd No LL Pathfinding Only. Not in OpenSimulator
llFabs Yes Charlie Omega (2683)
llFleeFrom No Not in OpenSimulator
llFloor Yes Charlie Omega (2683)
llForceMouselook Yes
llFrand Yes Alondria Charlie Omega
llGenerateKey Yes
llGetAccel Yes Alondria
llGetAgentInfo Yes
llGetAgentLanguage Yes cinderblocks Gimisa Working as of for local avatar only
llGetAgentList Yes Jeff Kelley
llGetAgentSize Yes
llGetAlpha Yes Alondria Charlie Omega ALLSIDES returns default texture, not sum, specific faces display correctly
llGetAndResetTime Yes Alondria Charlie Omega (2750)
llGetAnimation Yes StrawberryFride StrawberryFride
llGetAnimationList Yes
llGetAnimationOverride Yes Gimisa works in 0901
llGetAttached yes
llGetAttachedList yes
llGetBoundingBox Yes
llGetCameraPos Yes Phrearch Phrearch
llGetCameraRot Yes
llGetCenterOfMass yes
llGetClosestNavPoint No Not in OpenSimulator
llGetColor Yes Alondria Charlie Omega ALLSIDES returns default texture, not average, anything trying to grab more than 3 sides fails per example 2
llGetCreator Yes Charlie Omega (2683)
llGetDate Yes Charlie Omega (2683)
llGetDisplayName yes returns usernames
llGetEnergy yes Always returns 1.0f
llGetEnv yes
llGetEnvironment No
llGetExperienceDetails No Not in OpenSimulator
llGetExperienceErrorMessage No Not in OpenSimulator
llGetForce Yes
llGetFreeMemory yes
llGetFreeURLs yes Jeff Kelley
llGetGeometricCenter Yes Alondria
llGetGMTclock Yes Charlie Omega
llGetHTTPHeader Yes Tokeiito tested at 2011.01.25 on 0.7.1 Dev with XEngine
llGetInventoryCreator Yes
llGetInventoryKey Yes
llGetInventoryName Yes
llGetInventoryNumber Yes
llGetInventoryPermMask Yes
llGetInventoryType Yes
llGetKey Yes Charlie Omega
llGetLandOwnerAt Yes Alondria
llGetLinkKey Yes Alondria Charlie Omega
llGetLinkMedia yes
llGetLinkName Yes Alondria Charlie Omega
llGetLinkNumber Yes Alondria Charlie Omega (2754)
llGetLinkNumberOfSides Yes Azwaldo Villota
llGetLinkPrimitiveParams yes
llGetListEntryType Yes Alondria
llGetListLength Yes Alondria Charlie Omega (2750)
llGetLocalPos Yes Charlie Omega
llGetLocalRot Yes Alondria
llGetMass Yes Alondria
llGetMassMKS yes
llGetMaxScaleFactor yes Requires Implementation
llGetMemoryLimit yes Requires Implementation (Mar.01.2012)
llGetMinScaleFactor yes Requires Implementation
llGetNextEmail Yes
llGetNotecardLine Yes Krtaylor
llGetNumberOfNotecardLines Yes Krtaylor
llGetNumberOfPrims Yes Alondria Charlie Omega
llGetNumberOfSides Yes
llGetObjectDesc Yes Charlie Omega
llGetObjectDetails Yes Alondria
llGetObjectLinkKey Yes
llGetObjectMass Yes Gimisa Sitting avatars are phanton, don't count for the mass.
llGetObjectName Yes Charlie Omega (2688)
llGetObjectPermMask Yes
llGetObjectPrimCount Yes Alondria
llGetOmega Yes
llGetOwner Yes Charlie Omega
llGetOwnerKey Yes Alondria
llGetParcelDetails Yes
llGetParcelFlags Yes Alondria
llGetParcelMaxPrims Yes
llGetParcelPrimCount Yes
llGetParcelPrimOwners Yes Alondria See also llGetParcelPrimOwners
llGetPermissions Yes Melanie
llGetPermissionsKey Yes Melanie
llGetPos Yes Charlie Omega
llGetPrimitiveParams Yes
llGetRegionCorner Yes Charlie Omega (2688)
llGetRegionFlags Yes Alondria
llGetRegionFPS No Always returns 10.0f
llGetRegionName Yes Charlie Omega (2688)
llGetRegionTimeDilation Yes Alondria Charlie Omega
llGetRootPosition Yes Alondria
llGetRootRotation Yes Alondria
llGetRot Yes Charlie Omega
llGetScale Yes Charlie Omega
llGetScriptName Yes Aran works.
llGetScriptState Yes Aran Works.
llGetSimulatorHostname Yes Charlie Omega
llGetSPMaxMemory No Requires Implementation (Mar.01.2012)
llGetStartParameter No Returns always 0! Same limitations as llSetStatus
llGetStaticPath No Not in OpenSimulator
llGetStatus Yes dev
llGetSubString Yes Charlie Omega
llGetSunDirection Yes Krtaylor FredoChaplin
llGetTexture Yes Alondria Charlie Omega
llGetTextureOffset Yes Alondria Charlie Omega
llGetTextureRot Yes Alondria Charlie Omega
llGetTextureScale Yes Alondria Charlie Omega
llGetTime Yes Alondria Charlie Omega
llGetTimeOfDay Yes Vytek
llGetTimestamp Yes
llGetTorque No
llGetUnixTime Yes Charlie Omega
llGetUsedMemory yes
llGetUsername yes
llGetVel Yes Alondria
llGetWallclock Yes
llGiveInventory Yes Aran
llGiveInventoryList Yes Patnad
llGiveMoney Yes Melanie Aran Works
llGodLikeRezObject No
llGround Yes Alondria Aran
llGroundContour Yes
llGroundNormal Yes
llGroundRepel No
llGroundSlope Yes

llHash Yes

llHTTPRequest Yes jimbo21
llHTTPResponse Yes Tokeiito Tested on 2011.01.25 with 0.7.1 Dev OS and xEngine
llInsertString Yes Unlike SL, negative indexes are relative to end of string, so not compatible in this case
llInstantMessage Yes Aran 100%
llIntegerToBase64 Yes
llJson2List Yes
llJsonGetValue Yes
llJsonSetValue Yes
llJsonValueType Yes
llKey2Name Yes Alondria
llKeyCountKeyValue No Not in OpenSimulator
llKeysKeyValue No Not in OpenSimulator
llLinear2sRGB yes
llLinkAdjustSoundVolume yes
llLinkParticleSystem yes Jeff Kelley
llLinkPlaySound yes

llLinkSitTarget yes Jeff Kelley
llList2CSV Yes Alondria Charlie Omega
llList2Float Yes Alondria Charlie Omega
llList2Integer Yes Alondria Charlie Omega
llList2Json Yes
llList2Key Yes Alondria Charlie Omega
llList2List Yes Alondria Charlie Omega
llList2ListStrided Yes
llList2Rot Yes Alondria Charlie Omega (2754)
llList2String Yes Alondria Charlie Omega
llList2Vector Yes Alondria Charlie Omega
llListen Yes jimbo21 Charlie Omega
llListenControl Yes jimbo21
llListenRemove Yes jimbo21 Charlie Omega
llListFindList Yes Needed for Kan-ed#11
llListInsertList Yes Charlie Omega
llListRandomize Yes
llListReplaceList Yes Alondria
llListSort Yes
llListStatistics Yes Alondria
llLoadURL Yes
llLog Yes
llLog10 Yes
llLookAt Yes
llLoopSound Yes Alondria Aran
llLoopSoundMaster yes
llLoopSoundSlave yes
llMakeExplosion No Deprecated
llMakeFire No Deprecated
llMakeFountain No Deprecated
llMakeSmoke No Deprecated
llMapDestination Yes
llMD5String Yes
llMessageLinked Yes
llMinEventDelay yes
llModifyLand Yes
llModPow Yes
llMoveToTarget Yes
llName2Key Yes
llNavigateTo No Not in OpenSimulator
llOffsetTexture Yes Alondria Charlie Omega (2683)
llOpenRemoteDataChannel Yes jimbo21

llOrd Yes

llOverMyLand Yes Alondria
llOwnerSay Yes
llParcelMediaCommandList Yes
llParcelMediaQuery Yes
llParseString2List Yes Alondria Spacers are not parsed if separator list is empty
llParseStringKeepNulls Yes
llParticleSystem Yes Teravus
llPassCollisions Yes True/False argument only, as SL was until 2015
llPassTouches Yes True/False argument only, as SL was until 2015
llPatrolPoints No Not in OpenSimulator
llPlaySound Yes Azwaldo Villota
llPlaySoundSlave yes
llPointAt No
llPow Yes Charlie Omega
llPreloadSound Yes
llPursue No Not in OpenSimulator
llPushObject Yes
llReadKeyValue No Not in OpenSimulator
llRefreshPrimURL No
llRegionSay Yes
llRegionSayTo Yes BlueWall
llReleaseCamera No Deprecated
llReleaseControls Yes
llReleaseURL yes
llRemoteDataReply Yes jimbo21
llRemoteDataSetRegion No
llRemoteLoadScript No Deprecated (from LSL Wiki)
llRemoteLoadScriptPin Yes
llRemoveFromLandBanList Yes Alondria
llRemoveFromLandPassList Yes Alondria
llRemoveInventory Yes
llRemoveVehicleFlags yes
llRequestAgentData yyes
llRequestDisplayName yes
llRequestExperiencePermissions No Not in OpenSimulator
llRequestInventoryData Yes
llRequestPermissions Yes Melanie
llRequestSecureURL yes
llRequestSimulatorData Yes Will only report status as up, if the region is registered to grid service, otherwise unknown. Does not test actual connection or any status of a region. Does not return specific version string.
llRequestURL Yes Tokeiito
llRequestUserKey yes
llRequestUsername yes
llResetAnimationOverride Yes Gimisa
llResetLandBanList Yes Alondria
llResetLandPassList Yes Alondria
llReturnObjectsByID No No Plans to implement at this time
llReturnObjectsByOwner No No Plans to implement at this time
llResetOtherScript Yes
llResetScript Yes Alondria Charlie Omega This function is ignored in the state_entry() function of the default state
llResetTime Yes Alondria Charlie Omega (2750)
llRezAtRoot Yes
llRezObject Yes Aran
llRot2Angle Yes
llRot2Axis Yes
llRot2Euler Yes
llRot2Fwd Yes Alondria
llRot2Left Yes Alondria
llRot2Up Yes Alondria
llRotateTexture Yes Alondria Charlie Omega (2683)
llRotBetween Yes Alondria
llRotLookAt Yes Kayaker Magic Works different than SL (better?)
llRotTarget yes
llRotTargetRemove yes
llRound Yes Charlie Omega
llSameGroup Yes
llSay Yes Charlie Omega (2688)(limited to 1023 chars)
llScaleByFactor yes
llScaleTexture Yes Alondria Charlie Omega (2683)
llScriptDanger Yes
llScriptProfiler No Requires Implementation (Mar.01.2012)
llSendRemoteData Yes jimbo21
llSensor Yes Aran Works beyond 96m :) tested past 1000m
llSensorRemove Yes Aran Works
llSensorRepeat Yes Aran Works beyond 96m :) tested past 1000m
llSetAgentEnvironment no
llSetAlpha Yes Alondria Charlie Omega (2688)
llSetAngularVelocity yes Requires Implementation (Mar.01.2012)
llSetAnimationOverride Yes Gimisa works in 0901
llSetBuoyancy Yes Mlorrey Works on free objects, does not make avatars buoyant with scripted attachments
llSetCameraAtOffset Yes
llSetCameraEyeOffset Yes
llSetCameraParams Yes
llSetClickAction Jeff Kelley
llSetColor Yes Alondria Charlie Omega (2688)
llSetContentType yes Requires Implementation (Mar.01.2012)
llSetDamage yes
llSetForce Yes Does not work with current avatar motors physics
llSetForceAndTorque yes
llSetHoverHeight Yes/No Gimisa 0901 works with ubode physic ONLY
llSetInventoryPermMask yes
llSetKeyframedMotion Yes Kayaker Magic Worked well since OpenSim 0.7.6
llSetLinkAlpha Yes Charlie Omega Charlie Omega (2760)
llSetLinkCamera yes Jeff Kelley
llSetLinkColor Yes Charlie Omega Charlie Omega (2760)
llSetLinkMedia yes Jeff Kelley
llSetLinkPrimitiveParams Yes Melanie
llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast yes
llSetLinkTexture Yes
llSetLinkTextureAnim yes Jeff Kelley
llSetLocalRot Yes Alondria
llSetMemoryLimit No Requires Implementation (Mar.01.2012)
llSetObjectDesc Yes Aran 100% implemented
llSetObjectName Yes Aran 100% implemented
llSetObjectPermMask Yes
llSetParcelMusicURL Yes Alondria Charlie Omega
llSetPayPrice Yes
llSetPhysicsMaterial yes
llSetPos Yes Charlie Omega (2688) (now with limitation of 10m as in sl)
llSetPrimitiveParams Yes Melanie
llSetPrimMediaParams yes * Requires testing and Verification (update here plz)
llSetPrimURL No Deprecated
llSetRegionPos Yes MrFrans/Frans Charming Tested on the Kitely and Avacon grids.
llSetRemoteScriptAccessPin Yes Tokeiito
llSetRot Yes Charlie Omega (2688)
llSetScale Yes Charlie Omega (2688)
llSetScriptState Yes Aran Works.
llSetSitText Yes Teravus Aran
llSetSoundQueueing yes
llSetSoundRadius Yes
llSetStatus Yes Alondria
llSetText Yes Charlie Omega (2760)
llSetTexture Yes Alondria Charlie Omega (2688)
llSetTextureAnim Yes
llSetTimerEvent Yes Charlie Omega (2688) (uses Timer plugin!)
llSetTorque yes
llSetTouchText Yes Aran Works.
llSetVehicleFlags yes
llSetVehicleFloatParam Yes
llSetVehicleRotationParam Yes
llSetVehicleType Yes
llSetVehicleVectorParam Yes
llSetVelocity yes Requires Implementation (Mar.01.2012)
llSHA1String yes
llShout Yes Charlie Omega (2688) (limits 1023 chars)
llSin Yes Charlie Omega (2688)
llSitTarget Yes
llSleep Yes Charlie Omega This function CAN lock script threads on XEngine, do not use with XEngine
llSound No Deprecated
llSoundPreload No Deprecated
llSqrt Yes Charlie Omega (2688)
llStartAnimation Yes
llStopAnimation Yes
llStopHover Yes
llStopLookAt yes
llStopMoveToTarget Yes
llStopPointAt No Deprecated
llStopSound Yes Alondria
llStringLength Yes
llStringToBase64 Yes
llStringTrim Yes Hashbox
llSubStringIndex Yes
llTakeCamera No Deprecated
llTakeControls Yes Patnad Needed for Kan-ed#12
llTan Yes Charlie Omega (2688)
llTarget Yes
llTargetOmega Yes Aran Works.
llTargetRemove Yes
llTeleportAgent Yes
llTeleportAgentGlobalCoords Yes
llTeleportAgentHome Yes
llTextBox Yes Melanie_T Fritigern Operational with Viewers that support it. V3 and above all do.
llToLower Yes
llToUpper Yes
llTransferLindenDollars yes Requires External money Module
llTriggerSound Yes Aran Works.
llTriggerSoundLimited yes
llUnescapeURL Yes
llUnSit Yes Aran Works.
llUpdateCharacter No LL Pathfinding Only. Not in OpenSimulator
llUpdateKeyValue No LL Experience Only. Not in OpenSimulator
llVecDist Yes Azwaldo Villota Tested in OpenSim 0.7.6 Dev
llVecMag Yes Azwaldo Villota Tested in OpenSim 0.7.6 Dev
llVecNorm Yes Charlie Omega (2688)
llVolumeDetect Yes Gerhard Gimisa
llWanderWithin No LL Pathfinding Only. Not in OpenSimulator
llWater Yes Alondria
llWhisper Yes Charlie Omega (2688) (but limited to 1023 chars)
llWind Yes
llXorBase64 yes
llXorBase64Strings yes Deprecated
llXorBase64StringsCorrect Yes

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