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This is user documentation for OpenSimulator, mainly aimed towards administrators of the system rather than the ultimate end-users who access the environment through a viewer. If you can't find what you want here you might want to try looking in the Developer Documentation.

For a summary of what features have been implemented in OpenSimulator, please see the Feature Matrix.

  • Download - Download instructions
  • Dependencies - The other packages you need to install that OpenSimulator relies upon
  • Build Instructions - How to build and compile OpenSimulator from source
  • Configuration - How to configure OpenSimulator so you can get the server up and running
  • Configuring Regions - More details on configuring regions in Regions.ini
  • Configuring Simulator Parameters - More details on the structure and configuration simulator parameters after the initial setup.
  • Direct Service Requests - Details on how some requests that are by default handled by the viewer (e.g. GetTexture capability) could instead be handled directly by the service.
  • Shared Services Configuration - An approach for sharing user, asset and inventory services between two otherwise separate grids.
  • Database Settings - Detailed configurations to connect to your database
  • Map - Information on configuring OpenSimulator to serve map tiles.
  • Estate Support - Information about estates in OpenSimulator.
  • Economy - Information (incomplete) on setting up the economy aspects of OpenSimulator (e.g. land sales).
  • UserProfiles - Information on enabling the user profiles support included with OpenSimulator 0.7.6 onwards.
  • Upgrading - How to upgrade your OpenSimulator version so that you can use your existing data
  • Network Settings - NAT, Ports, Services and more.
  • Firewall Settings - Incomplete operating system specific instructions on how to open firewall ports for external OpenSimulator access.
  • Tips - Useful tips from users like you
  • OpenSim Graphics - Graphics that can be used on OpenSimulator websites, viewer login pages or products.
  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Optional Features
  • AutoBackup - Module for automatically backing up a region to an OAR regularly using a different filename.
  • Freeswitch Module - Using FreeSWITCH for voice in OpenSimulator.
  • Mumble - Using Mumble/Whisper for voice in OpenSimulator.
  • Enabling Groups - How to enable creating groups in your regions.
  • JsonStore Module - Module for storing and sharing structured data among region modules and scripts.
  • MuteList Module - OpenSimMutelist is an add-on mutelist module for use with the Open Simulator project.
  • Offline Instant Messaging - Module to store and later replay instant messages received by users that are offline.
  • Trees Module - Module to populate region with different trees.

RealXtend (abandoned)

The RealXtend modules for OpenSimulator have not been updated for a long time and should be considered dead. However, this information may be useful for historical purposes.

  • ModRex - How to setup the RealXtend server module
  • RealXtend Viewer Linux - This tutorial describes how to use the RealXtend viewer on Linux, using wine
Core Features
  • Feature Matrix - Matrix of features currently implemented by OpenSimulator.
  • Access Control - Controlling user access to OpenSimulator.
  • Attachments - Some information about avatar attachments.
  • Scripting Documentation - Everything you need to know about OpenSimulator scripting, and the list of sample scripts
  • ScriptEngines - Information about OpenSimulator's script engine.
  • OpenSim Archives - Loading and saving whole region archives with OpenSimulator
  • OpenSimulator Inventory Archives - Loading and saving user inventory items and folders with OpenSimulator
  • Mesh - Mesh support in OpenSimulator.
  • NPC - Use of Non Player Characters (NPCs) in OpenSim, also known as bots.
  • Custom Libraries - Describes how to add custom content to your OpenSimulator server
  • IRCBridgeModule - A core OpenSimulator module for integrating IRC with a simulator.
  • Hypergrid - Information about how to configure the experimental hypergrid architecture
  • GridInfo - how to provide information about your grid to smart clients
  • PhysicsEngines — Options for physics engines in OpenSimulator.
  • Media On A Prim - Media on a prim (shared media) functionality in OpenSimulator.
  • Varregion - Support for regions greater (or smaller!) than 256m x 256m. Requires a compatible viewer.
  • Technical Reference - Technical Reference Guide
User Guide
  • Connecting - How to connect a compatible viewer to OpenSimulator.
  • Glossary - A glossary of terms used in OpenSimulator.
Administrator Guide


If you've written a tutorial or guide on this wiki or on an external site, then please feel free to add a link here and/or on more specific topic pages.

Platform specific

  • Chapter & Metaverse - Full suite of tutorials, tips and tricks, for the Windows user (Windows) Also very useful for Linux users!