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Note 1: If you are reading this on any site but, you might not be actually downloading software. Please check your browser URL before proceeding any further.

Note 2: Depending on what you want to do with OpenSimulator, setting it up and keeping it running will require a fair amount of technical knowledge. After downloading OpenSim, please consult the several instruction manuals on this Wiki and elsewhere. Please be aware that the learning curve for operating OpenSimulator is steep.

Note 3: Many Linux distros (including Ubuntu) ship with only the "mono-runtime" package installed, however you need to install "mono-complete" for some OpenSimulator features such as LSL script commands.

Note 4: OpenSimulator is made available under the BSD License. Downloaders of the code also receive an additional IP Rights Grant for any intellectual property licensed to OpenSimulator under the terms of the Contribution Agreements.

Windows users may need to unblock the downloaded archives, or windows my refuse to execute the programs. Right click the archive file, see Properties, and mark Unblock at end if present.

Binary Packages

Current release

Once you've unzipped/untarred these you'll be able to run OpenSimulator 'out of the box' in simple standalone mode - no code compilation or other installation required.

The current release is (released on March 29, 2023) and can be downloaded as


After unpacking please read the Release Notes. Further instructions on running OpenSimulator may be found in README.txt after you untar/unzip the archives and within this wiki.

Test package

at our github releases you may find recent test packages named

  • LastDotNetAutoBuild built for dotnet 6.0

Note that this is code in current development. It can occasionally be bad, so use with care.
Backup your regions, (grid,) and databases before any update, in particular to this test code.
Use the provided ini files examples to create your own. Do not use older ones
It is compiled in Release mode, as future OpenSim releases will be. This may make debug a bit harder.
Source code can be found at OpenSimulator source code repository

Other Distributions

OpenSimulator is a BSD licensed codebase, so other projects are welcome to repackage OpenSimulator and add their own modules or configuration. Current known public distributions are

  • Diva Distribution, a Preconfigured hypergrided standalone, binary distribution. Easy to setup and to keep up to date. Windows and Linux/Unix. Download the file, unzip it, read README.txt and take it from there.

Source code

Current release

The two packages are identical apart from their compression formats.

Source code repository

You can also download code directly from the OpenSimulator source code repository. However, we only suggest doing this if you've very familiar with OpenSimulator. Master development code at any point may be broken or may contain database changes that later need to be reversed.

Previous releases

You can find previous releases of OpenSimulator at Some old releases only have source code packages.

Previous Release Notes

Developers and Testers

If you're a developer or a tester and you want to download possibly broken development code then please go here

Related Software

  • Related Software Section - Here you can find details on OpenSimulator compatible viewers, external components (e.g. web sign-up systems) and add-on region modules.