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This is a page which lists software packages that are related to OpenSimulator but are not part of the core project. Opensimulator is not responsible for the content referenced by these links. Note, OpenSimulator used to have a "Forge", basically a OpenSim Hosted Code Repo of Software for OpenSim, but this is no longer in existance.


These are the client programs and libraries that allow you to connect to an OpenSimulator installation and interact with it.

See Connecting.


These are projects that take the OpenSimulator core system and add more functionality or tailor it for a specific purpose.

See Download#Other_Distributions.


These can be divided into projects that provide a completely replacement for the ROBUST services backend or individual services.

Complete replacements

  • SimianGrid - A ROBUST services replacement which replaces the whole ROBUST stack with an alternative implementation based on PHP. The necessary support for SimianGrid is included in core OpenSimulator. NOTE: SimianGrid support was removed from OpenSimulator in February, 2020 (Commit #941b65)
  • OpenUGAI - PERL/Apache implementation of Userserver, Gridserver, Assetserver, and Inventoryserver compatible with older versions of OpenSimulator.

Individual services

OpenSimulator services are architected such that an individual service (e.g. the asset service) can be replaced or added without having to change other services.


  • Simple Ruby Asset Service (SRAS) - This is a replacement for the ROBUST asset service. It stores assets on disk, does compression and deduplication of identical assets. Some installation instructions are here.



Web Interfaces

These are web frontends for OpenSimulator, either to allow users to register and perform other functions or for administrators to control the OpenSimulator installation (or both!).

See Webinterface

Region Modules

These are region modules which can be added to the OpenSimulator core distribution to provide extra functionality.

  • GenericMessagingModule - An example module to illustrate how an OpenSimulator extension can use the LLUDP GenericMessage packet to convey arbitrary data between a client/viewer and the simulator.
  • OpenSimTide - An OpenSimulator region module which adds tides to your regions. You can control the tide period and height change via settings in OpenSim.ini and enable tide info to be chatted to the region for use in scripts in boats and waves. Tides only render properly on regions that are not adjacent, i.e. 1x1 islands.
  • PayPal module - Links to code and blogs posts on integrating Adam Frisby's PayPal for use as a currency in OpenSimulator



  • oarinfo - Currently a very basic python script that prints out some OAR information (e.g. number of contained assets).


  • osimctrl - A set of scripts to allow start, stop, restart, autorestart, etc. of an OpenSimulator instance from the command line using the GNU screen utility.


  • Second Inventory - **This is no longer available**. For years it was abandonware: still for sale but nobody at home to answer support issues. Finally the WEB site was removed (2017) so people are no longer tempted to send money. This product was written before mesh was available for OpenSimulator and never supported backing up mesh objects. This was a Windows based client that could be used to back up and restore objects from Second Life™ as well as from various OpenSimulator based grids. It allowed you to back up objects from the Second Life™ main grid, and restore them into OpenSimulator grids.
  • Rake - Created as an alternative to Second Inventory, but OpenSource and free to use. Rake is meant to dump assets (textures, animations, notecards, scripts, etc...) from either Second Life™ or OpenSim to your local hard-drive. Like Second Inventory it cannot backup mesh.
  • Inventory Archives If you are looking for a way to back your stuff up. Also read OpenSim Archives.
  • Inventory Check Script Designed to check for badly structured inventory causing issues with viewers loading inventory and slow logins.

Log Analysis

  • Ola - A very simple Python script that print out some stats given a simulator or robust service log (chiefly unique user numbers).
  • OSLogView - A C# application for displaying log files with the same color coding as the console itself. Includes error highlighting and UUID highlighting.


  • SnappyTree - SnappyTree is a procedural tree creation app. In addition, SnappyTree also provides export options for wavefront and collada file formats so the generated trees can be used in other native applications. Source Code.


  • Osta - OpenSimulator stats analysis programs. Operates on saved stats information to produce summary and graph data of OpenSimulator session performance.




  • Terraingen - Tool for producing OpenSimulator terrains from USGS DEM files.
  • Terrain.Party Web-based tool for turning terrain from a real life world map into a height map which can be imported into Opensim using "terrain load <texture_name>.png". Note that the textures require resizing, since they are exported as 1081x1081 png files
  • Daylon Leveller - Tool for producing OpenSimulator terrains from from a variety of sources, and using painting-like tools and filters to create features. Uses Terragen file format.

Note that you can export and import terrain using the console in Terragen format, as well as r32. Terragen format files (.ter) can be import provided that their dimensions match that of the region, and they have no heights less than zero. See terrain save and terrain load commands.

OpenSimulator Forks

OpenSimulator is under a free/libre open source license. This means anyone is free to fork the code and change it to suit their needs. These links are some of the known forks.

  • AuroraSim - A fork that placed heavy emphasis on user-friendliness and usability. Development stopped in 2014
  • Halcyon - Halcyon was originally based on the OpenSimulator project but was forked in 2010 to provide a stable platform for everyday use under high load. We have concentrated on performance and stability to provide a strong, stable base for the InWorldz grid - and now your grid too!
  • Hypergrid to Go - Hypergrid to Go is a Hypergrid-enabled OpenSim virtual world server, packaged as a self-contained virtual appliance.
  • LaNani - A fork of OpenSimulator with changes to graphics, BoM, scene rendering and other features.
  • Moses - The Military Open Simulator Enterprise Strategy (moses) is a method and strategy for deploying a set of OpenSimulator services and simulators in order to run a private grid.
  • Sim-on-a-Stick (SoaS) - OpenSimulator 0.8.0 post-fixes running its own instances of MySQL, Apache, and PHP for Windows with BulletSim physics and built from Diva D2. SoaS is no longer actively updated.
  • VoxelSim - A fork of OpenSimulator designed to use voxels rather than heightmaps for terrain. Development stopped in 2010.
  • White-Core Sim - A fork of both OpenSimulator and libopenmetaverse. The code has diverged significantly. The project is still active as of 2020 and maintained by a small group of developers.

Other related software

  • sl_proxy - sl_proxy is a Proxy System for Second Life™ and OpenSimulator to beyond firewall by NSL.
  • DTL/NSL Money Server - This Money Server is modified version of "DTL Currency Processing" for Linux/Unix by NSL.
  • Rinions - This is a real-time animation tool for Second Life™/OpenSim. Rinions sends animation data from Kinect to Viewer in real time using shared memory and over the Network by NSL.
  • OpenSim Maps - Completely re-written for Google Maps API v3 from the v2 version included with OpenSimWi(Redux) and now includes support for larger regions e.g. varregions.
  • Fluid Solver Wind Module by NSL
  • OARConv This software converts from OAR to collada files for Unity3D by NSL.
  • RO PHP Destination Guide This PHP script generates a Destination Guide, which can be assigned to your OpenSimulator grid or viewer.
  • PortableMySQL8 This is a GUI frontend for MySQL 8.0.X+ with configuration specific for OpenSim and aims to make portable installs of OpenSim easier. It's intended to be a partial replacement for the Windows Sim-on-a-Stick + MOWES package for users on OpenSim v0.9.3 and above.


  • 3D Head Tracking Software - The idea here is that Johnny has written an application that will allow real3d perspective using a WiiMote & a modified set of safety glasses. Johnny includes all of the source and several sample applications to get this moving forward. Would someone like to pick this up and build us a real3D interface for the SL browser? It's not as hard as you think.
  • Edusim on Opensim - Edusim is a Cave Automatic Virtual Environment based concept of lesson driven 3D virtual worlds on the classroom interactive whiteboard or classroom interactive surface. Currently Edusim on Opencobalt Cobalt exists but tweaking a client and making Opensim "finger friendly" would seem to be a relatively straight forward task.

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