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If you find a viewer, which can connect to OpenSimulator, then please add it to the bottom of the appropriate list.

Compatibility issues

Since OpenSimulator and viewers development is done by different teams with different timing and even goals, compatibility can not be assured. To connect to an older version of OpenSimulator, you may need to use an older version of your favourite viewer, which also could limit Hypergrid capability. In this case you should consult the support of your grid or chosen viewer.


  • FireStorm Viewer - C++ based viewer for Linux/Mac/Win. Forked from Linden lab Second Life viewer. Successor to Phoenix viewer. Currently the most widely used viewer on Second Life.
    • Firestorm VR Mod - A modification to the Firestorm Vierwer to allow use of a Virtual Reality Head Mounted Display (VR HMD).
  • Dayturn - C++ based viewer for Win/Mac only. Forked from Kokua. Dayturn source code available on Bitbucket.
  • Cool VL Viewer - C++ based viewer for Linux x86_64/Linux aarch64/Mac/Win. Forked from SL v1 viewer (former name: Cool SL Viewer, first release 2007/11/16).
  • Radegast Metaverse Client - Radegast-ng is Light client, evolution of Radagast from libopenmetaverae project.
  • Scenegate - C++ based viewer with a focus on accessibility and onboarding. With a simplified UI more suitable to just visit worlds, rather than building (but the full UI is still accessible). Forked from Alchemy.

Beta Viewers

Dayturn for Windows and MacOS

OpenSim PBR Viewers

Phoenix-FirestormOS Phoenix FirestormOS Beta 7.1.4

Cool VL Viewer stable release with PBR, ALM and forward rendering modes.

Text-only Viewers

These are lightweight viewers, which either do not offer a graphical component or where the graphical component is not used by default. The function of these viewers however is to connect to a grid, chat, manage inventory, etc. Useful on systems with low specifications or for bringing an alt (alternate avatar) online without having your main avatar log out, or to quickly take care of messages, inventory, etc.

  • Mobile Grid Client - A Second Life and OpenSimulator messaging client for your Android powered device (mobile phone, cell phone, tablet...).

LLSD API Libraries

These are open source libraries for building viewers, clients, and tools that can connect to OpenSimulator.

Maintained Libraries:

  • libopenmetaverse - C# LLSD implementation. Maintained by OpenSimulator developers. BSD License
  • llbase-py - Python LLSD implementation. Maintained by Linden Labs. MIT License

Currently Unmaintained Libraries:

  • llsd-cpp - C++ LLSD implementation, last updated in 2010. MIT License
  • llsd-perl-new - Perl LLSD implementation. Last updated 2011. MIT License
  • llsd-php - PHP 4 LLSD implementation. Incomplete, supports XML serialization only. Used internally by Second Life developers. Last updated 2010. MIT License
  • llsd-java - Java LLSD implementation by Xugu Madison, last update ca 2014. BSD License.
  • JOpenMetaverse - Java LLSD implementation, last updated 2012. Linux, Windows, MacOS, Android Compatible. Also see jopenmetaverse introduction. LGPL 2.1 License
  • llsd-js - JavaScript LLSD implementation, last update in 2011. MIT License

Inactive Viewers or in unknown state

  • 3Di viewer Rei - C# based Web-browser plugin OpenSimulator viewer. 3Di website gone but 3Di Rei viewer source is still available on Github
  • Alchemy Viewer - C++ based viewer for Linux/Mac/Win. Forked from Linden lab Second Life viewer.
  • Ascent - C++ based viewer for Linux/Mac/Win. Started as a fork of Inertia Viewer. Abandoned in 2010.
  • Dolphin - C++ based viewer for Linux/Mac/Win. Dolphin v1 was a fork of the Cool VL Viewer, with changes focused on sailing. v2/3 was a fork of SL viewer. Abandoned in 2015. Dolphin 3 Source still available on GitHub.
  • Emerald - C++ based viewer forked from Snowglobe (the second version fo the LL/SL open source viewer). Project halted and abandoned in 2010 after Emerald developer linked to DoS attack on SL and banned. Emerald source code still available on GitHub and Google Code Archive.
  • Hippo - C++ based viewer for Linux/Mac/Win. Forked from SL viewer and Cool VL Viewer. Abandoned in 2010. See also Hippo Viewer website.
  • Idealist - C# Multi-platform 32 bit viewer intended to be OpenSimulator focused
  • Imprudence - C++ based viewer forked from SL viewer v1.21. Development ended in 2010 and shifted to a new viewer called Kokua. Imprudence Viewer source is still available on GitHub
  • Inertia - C++ based viewer forked from Snowglobe SL viewer). Abandoned in 2010
  • LookingGlass - C#/Ogre based Viewer prototype. Development Ended in 2011. LookingGlass Viewer source is still available on GitHub
  • Meerkat - Viewer for Linux/Mac/Win in C++. Fork of SL viewer. Meerkat source available on GitHub. Meerkat binaries available via Google Code Archive. Development stopped in 2009
  • OnLook - C++ based viewer forked from Singularity. Inactive since 2014. OnLook Viewer Source is still available on GitHub.
  • Nicholaz Beresford's viewer - The first third party viewer. Fork of SL viewer. Development stopped in 2010.
  • OpenSim-Viewer - C#/C++/Xenko based, BSD licensed viewer written for OpenSimulator. Inactive since 2018.
  • OpenViewer - C#/Ogre based, BSD licensed viewer written as a companion to OpenSimulator. ca 2007/2008. Website went dark in 2009.
  • Phoenix - C++ based viewer. Forked from SL viewer. Replaced by Firestorm viewer.
  • RealXtend Naali/Tundra - Written from scratch C++/Ogre3D based viewer for Linux/Mac/Win, required ModRex in OpenSimulator. Development stopped in 2016, OpenSimulator support dropped in 2013.
  • Singularity - C++ based viewer for Linux/Mac/Win. Forked from the Ascent Viewer. Goal is to combine look of old SL viewer with modern features. Singularity source code available on GitHub.
  • Xenki - XABP-based OpenSimulator viewer prototype for IE web browser. Abandoned in 2009