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There are mailing lists for OpenSimulator use and development, as well as broader topics such as education and Hypergrid. All are free for anyone to join.

  • opensim-users - a user forum for OpenSimulator. If you want to ask for help, then before you post please make sure that you can't find the answer to your question in this wiki, in the bug tracking system or on the Internet generally. Please keep discussion on this list relevant to OpenSimulator topics so it is easy for those providing support to read and reply quickly.
  • opensim-dev - development discussion of OpenSimulator.
  • opensim-commits - record of every source code commit to the OpenSimulator codebase.
  • Hypergrid Adventurer's Club - a list for people interested in traveling and exploring the Hypergrid.

These are other places for asking questions, though they are not guaranteed to be monitored by developers (though the people on there may well have more information in many cases!)